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Our electricians are highly educated in their field and are constantly growing in their knowledge in order to be better equipped to serve you to the highest capacity and capability.

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There’s no better feeling than the amazing relief you feel upon finding and hiring an expert electrician who values your opinions even above his or her own convenience. It’s always so rewarding for us when we hear another story from a satisfied customer who may have had a bad experience in the past with someone else.When searching for qualified and skilled electricians who are going to provide you and your home with superior services from start to finish, then you need to look no further than our brilliant and professional electricians over at Brighton MI Electrician.

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Through the utilization of detail-oriented strategies and methods used to ensure that your home is electrically secure, our electricians strive to find the best and most effective solutions for your electrical issues. From replacing worn out electrical receptacles to helping you assess your home’s overall electrical safety before placing it on the market for sale, we believe in consistently delivering on our promise to provide quality care. Our electricians are highly educated in their field and are constantly growing in their knowledge in order to be better equipped to serve you to the highest capacity and capability.

Excellent Customer Service and Guaranteed Satisfaction - Find Your Electrician Brighton MI!

We pride ourselves in gaining the knowledge needed to ensure that no electrical concern surprises us. We are not called “electrical experts” because we guess when it comes to your solving your electrical abnormality. Instead, any suggestions or advice we give when we offer our services are all based on many years of study, practice, accountability, and to top it all off, the many years of experience as it pertains to satisfying the residents of Brighton, MI. If you’re searching for dependable electricians who are well-equipped to handle any home electrical issues that may arise, give us a call today.

One of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of finding a great and suitable electrician who fits your needs and requests is finding everything you need in one place. Our certified electricians know how important it is to you to not have to hire more than one electrician for more than one service, and so we have really gone to great lengths to fully cover just about as many electrical concerns as our customers could possibly think of. Whether you need wiring for a newly purchased light fixture or you want to tackle an annoying short circuit, we are your electricians Brighton MI.

We are your Electricians in Brighton MI

One of the most obvious and easily recognizable characteristics that sets our team of electricians apart from other electrical companies is our exceptionally friendly company culture. When you call to schedule an appointment and inquire with us about sending out one of our electricians to assess your home’s electrical condition and find out exactly what you need and you trust us with your concerns, we consider you as much more than just a number on a clipboard or a customer profile in our database. We have found that no matter how many credentials a Brighton MI electrician may have under their belt and how much they know about the field of all things electricity, that alone does not help to put our customers at ease. But when you can speak with someone on the other end of the phone who is eager to help you and has a personable demeanor that reassures you that you’re in the right hands, we know how much of a difference it makes for our customers’ experience.

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Excellent Customer Service and Guaranteed Satisfaction - Find Your Electrician Brighton MI!

Another question we may ask you when we are on the phone with you is, “How old is your home?” The reason for this question is that the age of a home normally affects the overall electrical health of a home, and so we want to be mindful of this element when assessing your home’s electrical concern. Typically, newer homes have little to no very complex electrical mishaps simply because of the short amount of time they have been lived in.

On the other hand, old homes are a completely different story. However, just because a home is old does not mean it has to have constant electrical problems. There are actually specific steps homeowners of an older home can take to ensure that their home remains just as safe as a newer home with few electrical setbacks.

Our Brighton, MI electricians suggest checking in with the previous homeowners prior to purchasing an older home to inquire about the overall electrical stability and health of the home. You’ll want to check for things like newly replaced wiring, light fixture foundational wiring and even the size and type of AC and heating units that come with the home.

Unfortunately, a failure to check on the electrical health of an older home, especially, can result in an electrical fire that could have been prevented with the proper research, assessment, and diagnostic process. Remember, your safety is highly valuable and important to us.


We want you to enjoy every moment of working with our electricians, and one of the ways we uphold what we like to call our electrician Brighton MI customer service reputation is by putting our care for you at the top of our priority list


Electrician Brighton MI Electrical Diagnostic Process

Normally, if you’ve hired an electrician who was not exactly skilled in dealing carefully with your home’s electrical issue, then it is possible that there may be more work that needs to be done than even before you phoned an electrician in the first place. In these cases, especially, listening closely to our customers takes precedence over anything else and it is our first method in helping you determine what service you need the most.

Our electrical diagnostic process is the firm foundation for every project our electricians successfully complete day in and day out. A failure to gain a proper diagnosis for your home’s electrical concern could result in tons of money being flushed down the drain as you attempt to tackle a symptom of a more complex electrical problem that is not as apparent or obvious.

Although your ability to guess when figuring out exactly what might be wrong might pretty accurate, we would much rather our customers be safe than sorry when it comes to home electrical matters. Our electricians Brighton MI specialists would like to advise to always check in with a professional when it comes to the electrical aspect of your home.


Every electrician knows that it is much easier to complete a job well and with superior excellence when you love what it is you do. For many electricians, they love doing electrical work and learning more about their areas of specialization, and overall, they don’t mind doing the same jobs day in and day out because they find a sense of fulfillment in their work. However, for our electricians, our greatest joy stems from the privilege we have every single day to interact with our wonderful customers here in Brighton.

For our team of electricians, the respect we have earned from the residents of Brighton MI is extremely vital to us and it is not something we take lightly. We understand that building up a reputation of reliability amongst a community of locals is not the easiest thing to do. However, it is our conviction that consistently giving accurate and helpful advice concerning your home’s electrical needs and assessing your specific issue with precision and hitting the nail on the head each time is what has helped us earn that trust. In this area, our faithful electrician Brighton MI customers value consistency and so we’ve worked really hard to weave that value through every aspect of your customer experience with us.

We don’t claim to know everything and so if you bring up an electrical concern, no matter how nerdy and well-studied as our electricians may be, we are not too proud to be honest and up front with you if we don’t know something. If we are unsure of how to go about solving the problem or an issue arises that we have never encountered before, we have a great alliance of other well-trained Brighton MI electrician experts who can help.

Our highest priority is to help you diagnose and treat your electrical needs, and that priority takes precedence even over our personal desire to gain your business. And because we hold integrity and honestly at the forefront of how we operate as electricians, it helps you to trust us and gives us a greater sense of purpose. We want you and your family to be safe and so whoever we need to connect you with to make sure that happens, whether it is one of our phenomenal electricians or not, we will gladly do that.

We thoroughly enjoy getting calls from residents who could use the electrical services we have to offer. It is the absolute best part of our day and for many of our local customers, they can testify to the fact that speaking with our friendly electricians brightens their day as much as it brightens ours. We are pretty aware of just how much stress can come about as a result of detecting an electrical hazard in your home and the worry that accompanies the oftentimes, long and drawn-out process of finding the right electrician for the job. So, electricians Brighton MI residents love communicating with are the ones who answer the phone with an awareness of their current level of potential frustration surrounding the task they have of hiring an electrician.

When speaking with our customers, the first thing we prefer to do is inquire about whether or not this issue has been addressed before by another electrician. Although many of our customers call us to address a concern that has not been addressed before, there are still others who call us because they either had a poor experience with another electrician or they’d like a second opinion.


Either way, our Brighton MI electrician professionals want to know what your specific electrical dilemma is and whether or not we are the first ones to address it or not.

Why Does My Power Go Out When It Storms or Snows, and How Can I Prevent It?

This is a question we hear fairly often, and thanks to the advancement of technology, there are ways to secure your electrical connection even in times of less than convenient weather. I am sure that we’ve all driven past city power and energy workers who are hard at work to repair and fix city power lines. Many times, if your power is out due to bad weather, it’s not just you who is experiencing the electrical power outage. Oftentimes, if your home is in a residential neighborhood in Brighton or an apartment or townhome complex, it is highly likely that others around you are experiencing the same difficulties.

However, there are things like power generators that are great for keeping your home’s power on despite what’s going on corporately in your neighborhood or the specific power outage area. Unlike something like your dishwasher, refrigerator, or stove, power generators operate and run off of mechanical power or energy versus electrical. Generators are convenient because they don’t require to be plugged in to an electric receptacle in order to turn on and function properly.

Instead, these dependable machines draw from energy flowing from an outside source. Your home’s electrical circuits and electrical breakers typically don’t have much effect on how well these generations work. They are sort of like their own separate power system, and really come in handy when you’d prefer to keep the power in your home going versus succumbing to the infamous winter power outages many of us are all too familiar with. Another great advantage of generators is that instead of needing to charge a battery to connect your appliances, you can actually plug your appliances or whatever you need to be powered directly into the generator in order to keep the power and electricity going.


Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Lights

As life speeds up and gets busier, it’s becoming easier to miss out on one of the easiest and most obvious ways to conserve your electricity and save a little bit of extra money on your electric bill. Making sure that when you leave a room you turn off the light in that room is a practice that we remind our customers of often. 

Also, if you are a mom or dad who is a pretty new empty-nester, then more than likely, you’ve probably got some extra rooms that are not being utilized; however, it’s even easy to leave lights on in rooms we never used simply because it’s a habit. We’d encourage you that if you’re headed to work or school or to run an errand, it may be a good idea to consider waking up a minute or two earlier to give yourself some time to walk through the house just to make sure all of the lights are off. Why not save yourself some time and money, right?

We hope these tips and suggestions have been helpful and insightful for you. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our fantastic and professional electricians to help address your home’s electrical complications, give us a call today!